About Us

Fast Finders is a full service, 100% remote apartment locating agency.

Fast Finders was started as a way to modernize and digitize the traditional apartment locating business model. We take all of the cost savings on office space, brokerage fees, and transportation costs, and pass them on to our clients by sharing some of our commission with them.

We enjoy adding the unique perk to our clients of actual paying YOU to use our free service, while helping you make sure you are finding the best possible apartment for your personal situation. We find that sharing the commission helps us grow and get more client referrals, and keeps our clinets coming back for all of their future apartment finding needs.

Get all of the benefits of our local, expert knowledge. Since we spend all day every day helping people find apartments, our agents are always up to date on all of the latest deals and offerings, which can change on a day to day basis.

We are also here to help in the fastest and easiest way possible. You can choose to call or text an agent immediately or fill out a more detailed contact form, and wait for us to contact you after we have already performed a search. You can also get started right away on your own by browsing our featured properties section.

Our extensive database has nearly every apartment in Austin in it, so we can find whatever it is you are looking for, even if it not listed in our featured deals section.

If you lease your apartment through our service, we get paid a referral fee by the apartment property. We will share some of that fee with you, the client.

Use our fast, free, and easy system to find your next apartment the smart way, and get PAID in the process!